Welcome To Hidden Mountain

Hidden Mountain Brewing Company finds its origins in the water, air, and mythical wonders of the High Rio Grande Valley, complimented by strong cultural influences brought over from Mexico. We are committed to ingenuity, diversity and the adventurous spirit that has always distinguished New Mexico from the rest of the American Southwest. When you venture into Hidden Mountain, you will step into the atmosphere of the High Rio Grande Valley, and you’ll begin to understand why this is a place that seems born of legend and lore.

Respectful of our rich culinary history and traditions, while innovative and passionate about everything we do, we apply award-winning expertise both in our brewery and our kitchen. Your mouth will water at the aromas of our generations-tested recipes using the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. Our Master Brewer’s creations provide the beer-drinking satisfaction that will enhance any mood or moment. Immerse yourself in the world of Hidden Mountain and enjoy an experience you will never forget.